Nooksack Falls in the Snow

We're getting stir crazy. It's ok. We can admit it. The recent snow/ice storm that passed through Whatcom County put all of us in a pretty big funk, and it was due time we got outside! 

Deciding where to go today wasn't all that easy. The avalanche risks were still quite high with wet slabs being a big concern so we opted to stay down in the lowlands. Unfortunately, there's still so much snow and ice everywhere that very few forest roads are accessible. We had intended on heading down along the river off of Glacier Creek Rd., but excessive trees across the road kept us closer to the highway. We settled on a very short hike from Mt. Baker Hwy down the road to Nooksack Falls. Normally, you'd drive right up to it, but the little trek down the hill gave us some much needed outdoor exercise. 

We stopped at the falls so I could take a couple pictures and Auden threw snowballs over the embankment for what seemed like forever. It's funny how kids get into self-entertaining groove, and can amuse themselves for so long when the same child hours later will be whining about how bored they are and need someone to play with, lol. Back up the trail we went and over the bridge to explore along the river. You definitely need to be careful along here as the water is quite swift, and snow/ice can quickly leave you staring at the sky. 

Snow is such a different adventure. There aren't really trails as we know them. You go where you want. I find myself being much more aware of my surroundings out in snow. I wish Auden could say the same. Trying to get a child to both be aware of their footing, and keep their head up to watch for branches is about as fruitful as a political argument. Oh well, he got the point after the 3rd or 4th branch in the face. 

All in all a good little outing. Not quite the cardio workout I had hoped the day to yield, but anytime outdoors is better than none. Until next time!