Baker Lake bust!

The plan was simple... take two vehicles to Baker Lake, and park one at the northern end of the lake and the other at the East Baker Lake Trailhead. Starting at the northern end then hike the 14.5mi down the eastern trail for a perfect beginning-of-the-season shakedown hike. This was the plan my friend Lynn and I set out to do. 

Exactly as planned the weather started to clear around 8am and things were looking good. That is, until we started up the western edge of Baker Lake. You see there's some sort of natural phenomenon (aka the North Cascadian weather) that occurs along these banks. Apparently the whopping 750ft of elevation doesn't seem to care all that much about the rest of the state, and has decided to hold on to EVERY bit of snow it can! By the time we hit the northern trail head we were looking at a spotty, but concerning, foot of snow. Now don't get me wrong, I'm by no means scared of a measly foot of snow, but when you're setting out for a 14.5 mile hike you haven't done before you need to be in tune with how that foot of snow can affect your time on the trail. 

This is a hike I've been wanting to do for quite some time as it signifies an official section of the PNT (Pacific Northwest Trail) that I get to mark off on my map. So, taking the conservative route, we opted to call it and save it for another day. 

All was not lost though! I did pull out what camera gear I had with me (just my trail kit), and do some misc. hiking along the lake shore, and in the trees which was really nice. So for this time Baker Lake you have bested me, but I'll be back!