North side Table Mountain

June has been an interesting month in the mountains to say the least. The snow is melting out faster we can imaging with all this warm weather, and it's been a general consensus that the N. Cascades have been fairly sketchy in general. After careful consideration of this, Justin and I decided that the best thing to do was to focus on training for the month of June and postpone some of the larger objectives. So, another day full of training is what we did! 

Justin and Keith (a friend of his from work) got to my house at a nice-and-early 4am and we were at the maintenance shed parking lot on Mt. Baker by 5:30am. We had a couple things on the agenda today. First, was a possible summit of the north face of Table Mountain. To be fair, it's really not anything too crazy, but we knew it would give us some good 50* slopes to gain more practice on, as well as work on running belays. Second, was to work on additional crevasse training. We've been hitting this training pretty hard in prep for a planned trip to ascend Mt. Daniels in July so any additional snow time is great. 

After working our way over past Bagley Lakes, and a handful of separate slopes heading up to the summit we were faced with what looked to be the last snow bridge that was still attached. With some fairly painful runout below, we figured this was a perfect place to setup an anchor, and get a running belay going.  All went exactly as planned, and after getting a top anchor setup we were all enjoying the beautiful views from the summit! 

After a short stay, some snacks, and a successful belay back down the snow bridge it was time to remove the harnesses and jump into glissade mode! I don't know the exact amount, but we easily got to glissade a good 500 vertical feet. Soooo awesome! Nothing makes a descent better than sliding hundreds and hundreds of feet on your now-frozen ass. 

After we made it back up to the road we decided we should do a little more formal training, and went through some crevasse rescue scenarios while hanging our butts over the side of the snow walls along the road up to Artist Point. 

Overall, a perfect day! While we didn't quite squeeze in as much formal training as I would have liked, we still walked away far ahead than when we got there. I'll take it!