The whole family to Fragrance Lake


Well we decided to do a little celebrating for Mom's 70th birthday, and get her out on the trails! After a couple recent trips to get her hooked up with some adequate hiking gear it was time.

Fragrance Lake is a great hike in the Chuckanut range that's a bit more than an easy stroll on a flat trail. It's what I would call a beginner/intermediate-beginner hike if that makes any sense. It's not a technical trail at all, but does switch back up the hill and really gets the blood flowing in the quads for a new hiker. At 5.5miles and about 1,000ft of elevation gain I figured it would be pushing her a bit, but my gut said she'd be able to make it if we took our time. 

Lo and behold my guess was right and we all made it! After some short stops for rests, water, and general chat we dropped down into the quiet little lake nestled in the hills. I couldn't be more proud of mom for making it! I know Auden sure was proud of his Grammy :)