Graduation Day!!

It has finally come! I am now signed off (to my and Justin's high standards too I might add) on my unofficial alpine training. It's soooo hard to not be out climbing in the mountains on a nice day like today, but we both knew that the time invested in training, repetition, and our incredible dedication to each other's safety was the right call. 

What was going to be a car-to-car trip up Colchuck Peak today got put on the back-burner for one more training day up at Artist Point. Argh! We had recently decided on what we believed to be a superior and far safer method of glacier travel for a two man team so rather than just go with it blindly we wanted to test it out in a real-life scenario. Artist Point has turned out to be the best place to train all year hands down. No other place can you get drive-up access to huge snow walls, steep inclines, and plenty of snow. 

Let me tell you... there's quite a thrill to be had standing at the edge of a 20ft tall vertical snow wall and looking down at the concrete below knowing the ONLY way you're going to be positive your system works is if you put all your trust in your friend, tie off together, and jump. Well, I'm happy to report that all bones are still intact, no four letter words were even muttered, and without a doubt we proved to ourselves that our research was correct. We hauled, we ascended, we rappelled, we arrested, and ultimately we hooted and smiled! 

There's a lot of powerful emotions when it comes to a two man team. It's not about just you anymore. You NEED the other person, and you need to be able to trust them with your life. You need to be able to look them square in the eyes, and tell them that you have the skills to make sure they get to go home to their family. It's a powerful thing, and finding a climbing partner you can trust like that is very rare. I feel beyond blessed to have found such a good friend, trainer, and climbing partner in Justin. 

Alright! Alright! Enough of the sappy shit. Mt. Daniels in July is right around the corner, and WE ARE READY! Climb on!